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PRAB Q&A – Customer Service

Tyler Duff


Tyler Duff is PRAB’s Technical Services Manager. In this role, he assists customers and field service technicians by troubleshooting mechanical, electrical, or application issues within equipment. Due to this experience, he understands what excellent customer service looks like.


Q) What are the strengths of PRAB’s customer service department?
A) Some of our department’s greatest strengths include a dedication to excellent customer experiences, quick response times, knowledgeable technical support and quoting staff, and 24/7 phone support.


Q) What are some advantages we offer that other manufacturers’ customer service departments don’t?
A) In addition to our dedicated field service team and in-house technical support, we offer our clients the Managed Maintenance Program (MMP). Each MMP session sets a maintenance baseline for a client’s PRAB equipment, creates a detailed inspection report that pinpoints repair needs, and includes OEM expertise concerning upkeep, improvements, and modifications.

Three MMP options are offered—based on the level of assistance the client requires. They include:

  • Semi-Annual
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly or Weekly


Q) Can you share an example of a client interaction that the customer service department can hang its hat on?
A) During an inspection of a scrap conveyor system’s oscillator drive unit, our team found a crack in the model’s upper arm. When we unbolted the upper shaft to get a better view of the damage, we found that the 2.25” shaft was in desperate need of replacement due to years of operational wear.

With assistance from the client’s maintenance team, our technician was able to remove the damaged oscillator unit and install a new one. From there, the necessary adjustments were made, and we ran the system for an hour to ensure everything was working properly.

This is a good example of field service, in-house technical support, and quoting working together to take care of a customer.


Q) Is there anything you would want to say to a potential customer interested in purchasing a PRAB product/system?
A) We are not just equipment suppliers. We are partners, working to make sure our clients’ material handling needs are met and any issues that they experience are addressed and resolved in a timely manner.


Q) From where you sit, what does a perfect customer interaction look like?
A) I consider it to be an effective interaction when a customer comes away feeling that our team understands and appreciates their needs or issues. We want them to feel that their questions were resolved quickly and come away with a positive customer experience that will keep them coming back to PRAB.


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