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Reliable Unattended Production

Most people are familiar with Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART technology)—in the form of many consumer devices such as mobile phones, fitness wristbands, and home thermostats. Companies in the manufacturing industry are rapidly incorporating this technology into everyday operations with a network of small, affordable, internet-connected computers and sensors (IIoT). Applying these internet-enabled, data-driven devices to the industrial […]

Protecting Your Workforce

Accidents and injuries in the workplace are going down in the US, but the costs associated with them continue to go up. There is a long way to go in reducing these costs, especially in certain areas of the metalworking industry. Fortunately, there are solutions available to decision-makers when they choose to seriously consider the application and benefits provided […]

Good Housekeeping’s Positive Effect on Profit, Productivity, and Purpose

The United States the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration states that good housekeeping in the workplace not only creates a cleaner, safer workplace, but also promotes positive behaviors, habits and attitudes. However, to fully reap the benefits, the administration recommends that good housekeeping be maintained throughout the workday. This helps to avoid the physical consequences […]

Back-End Solutions That Move Profit Margins in a Positive Direction

Metalworking operations are often faced with unavoidable costs that are beyond their control. Two of the largest this year have been tariffs, and the cost of cutting fluids. Fortunately, there are many back-end solutions to help offset these costs that will add more value to metal scrap and spend fluids, and move profit margins in a positive direction. Machine […]

3 Automated Equipment Solutions That Can Help You Cope with a Skilled Worker Shortage

Metalworking operations aren’t struggling to find work these days, thanks to a strong economy and a healthy construction market. Unfortunately, the dwindling number of highly skilled workers with deep industry knowledge poses a more serious problem that must be dealt with to ensure that productivity keeps pace with demand. According to industrial supply company Grainger, 59% of metalworking firms […]

Avoiding Accidents & Injuries in the Metalworking Operation

If there is more good news to be shared about the current state of the U.S. workplace, it’s that the rate of accidents and injuries are on a healthy downward trend. However, the costs associated with these workplace injuries continue to rise, providing businesses with more financial headaches than relief. It’s not hard to see how economically devastating workplace […]

Considerations for Conveyor Selection

When looking into adding a new, or additional conveyor system to an operation it is imperative to know the major considerations when researching and selecting the right piece of equipment. Every type of metal scrap and shop process is unique, so it is important to prioritize the aspects of a conveyor system most vital to your needs. Conveyor Selection […]

Spinning Vs Briquetting For Maximum Scrap Value

A frequent question shops ask is whether they should spin their chips to send to a recycler, or if they should briquette. They ask questions like: How can we consolidate our chips to get the highest resale value? Would we maximize the value of our scrap by briquetting? Or is spinning the chips the best option? Assessing the Situation […]

Reduce Rinse Water Use Recovery Measures With Real Dollar Value

Most of the hazardous waste in surface finishing comes from wastewater that is generated by rinse water. Due to the substantial amount of this waste, within this $155 billion dollar industry, companies are taking quick action to mitigate the environmental risk associated with dumping, and consumption. One of the major steps is though pollution prevention planning and water conservation. […]

Eliminate Bacteria in Coolant

Metalworking fluid is a blend of many chemicals that’s main job is to help oil emulsify into water. Many years ago, this fluid contained carcinogens, until 1970 when it was outlawed from both sale and dumping down the drain. Without the carcinogens, metalworking fluid is not resistant to bacteria growth and in the right conditions, in a short amount […]