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Avoid Carryover-Related Conveyance Delays

Scrap about to be conveyed.


Carryover (also known as carryback) is an issue that can cause maintenance issues for even the most efficient stamping operation. In addition to the potential production and revenue lost, these delays can also lead to injuries when workers attempt to clear any blockages. Regardless of if the material being conveyed consists of slugs, trim pieces, or stringy turnings, PRAB provides solutions that greatly reduce the potential risk of scrap carryover.

Since the mid-1900s, the standard hinge belt conveyor design has been the go-to design choice for most applications. While this design is tried and true, it is not immune to carryover. PRAB offers alternative designs that avoid this issue.

Pivot Belt Conveyors

Built with a Rigidized™ belt surface, PRAB’s Pivot Belt Conveyor features pivoting hinges that flip metal scrap into hoppers. The design of the belt’s surface prevents scrap from sticking and causing delays. In terms of material, this conveyor is ideal for moving oily slugs, knockouts, and thin-gauge scrap.

Additionally, the unit features a liquid-tight formed bottom cover that collects oily fluids beneath the conveyor. This feature helps manufacturers reclaim or recycle used coolant while also keeping the plant floor clean and safe.

Magnetic Conveyors

For applications related to machining, stamping, and finished parts, PRAB’s Magnetic Conveyor is a proven solution that moves ferrous material without carryover. The conveyor uses permanent ceramic magnets positioned under a stainless-steel slider belt. An oil reservoir that lubricates the conveyor chain is located at the base of the unit.

Wet or dry ferrous chips, stamping slugs, turnings, parts, and die scrap can all be moved effectively via Magnetic Conveyors. Configurations for this unit include Z-style, L-style, and straight style models.

Magnetic Conveyor

Oscillating Conveyors

A top choice for transferring hot, dry or wet abrasive metal scrap or finished parts, the trough design of PRAB’s Oscillating Conveyor curbs the risk of carryover. Available trough designs include square or flared styles. Trough surfaces are available in smooth, urethane, abrasion-resistant, or Rigidized™ steel.

Applications for this unit include machining, die casting, stamping, and finished parts. An eccentric single drive, centrally located lubrication points, and multi-ply fiberglass springs are just some of the Oscillating Conveyor’s features.

Oscillating Conveyor


Using extensive industry experience, PRAB provides solutions that allow for metal scrap to be transferred without carryover. PRAB is a leading manufacturer of automated metal scrap processing equipment, coolant recycling equipment, conveyors, and industrial wastewater treatment solutions. Contact us for more information on how our solutions can assist your organization’s applications.