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PRAB Managed Maintenance Program

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Proactively Prevent Unplanned Downtime Caused by Component Failures and Major Repairs

PRAB equipment is robustly engineered to run trouble-free for years. But it must be properly maintained to prevent component failures and major repairs from causing unplanned downtime. To keep maintenance on track, enroll in our Managed Maintenance Program (MMP). Each visit will start with a top-to-bottom inspection of your PRAB equipment by one of our experienced technicians. It will also include:

  • Maintenance baseline for your PRAB equipment to discover any early warnings of part wear and/or impending component failures.
  • Detailed inspection report pinpointing maintenance/repair needs, so that —if you choose—they can be addressed before causing a problem.
  • OEM maintenance expertise and recommendations concerning equipment maintenance, improvements, and modifications.

Maintenance Program Options:

PRAB offers three Managed Maintenance Program (MMP) options—based on the level of assistance you want. All three levels will improve your machine uptime, reliability, performance, and longevity.


  • Two service visits per year at discounted MMP Rates
  • 1-Year discounts on parts (10%) and standard service rates (15%) for all non-MMP visits


  • Four service visits per year
  • 1-Year discounts on parts (15%) and standard service rates (20%) for all non-MMP visits

Monthly or Weekly

  • Multiple service visits per year
  • Increased discounts for parts and service (custom negotiated)



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