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PRAB Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems

Prab’s Turnkey Water & Wastewater Systems effectively treat:

• Incoming Water

• Process Water

• Wastewater

Reducing haul-away and washer cleaner costs

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Incoming Water | Process Water | Wastewater

Product Brochure: PRAB Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems |


Documented Results Achieved by PRAB Customers:

Texas fastener manufacturer saved $95,827 in haul-away costs the first year with PRAB a water treatment system.
Eaton Corporation of Marshall, Michigan achieved a total washer cleaner savings of $196,000 a year and reduced energy use by 20% using PRAB Ultrafiltration.



Reduce Washwater & Detergent Cost Up To 75%
Everything you need for effective industrial water & wastewater treatment is included with all equipment. Each turnkey system is designed for ease of installation, quick start-up, and efficient operation with minimal maintenance. PRAB backs every system with its 100% Performance Guarantee.

PRAB's Ultrafiltration Systems | 




Ultrafiltration Systems


Decrease Oily Water Volumes As Much As 98%

Separate emulsified oils and suspended solids from wash water, rinse water, mop bucket, and floor scrubber waters to extend their useful life. Customers have benefited from the reduction in the use of water, reduction of detergent cost by up to 75%, and decreased disposal costs up to 90%.

PRAB's Reverse Osmosis Systems | 




Reverse Osmosis Systems


Removes Up To 99.5% Of Dissolved Salts and More

Effectively remove dissolved salts, colloidal, and suspended matter from the most challenging waste and feed water applications. It is typically used as a final process after ultrafiltration or chemical treatment of incoming water, process water, or industrial wastewater for reuse and/or discharging to your local POTW. Arrives on-site fully tested and ready to clean contaminates from water.

PRAB's EVALED Vacuum Evaporation Systems | 




EVALED® Vacuum Evaporation Systems


Achieve Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Goals

Reduces wastewater volume and produces high quality, reusable distillate (ZLD). EVALED Evaporators are an effective solution for concentrating and removing salts, heavy metals and a variety of hazardous contaminants. All evaporators undergo a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) prior to shipment. Evaled evaporators are fully automated, standardized, modular units that are low in energy consumption, meaning a low CO2 footprint.


PRAB's Ozone Generators | 




Ozone Generators


Destroy Up To 99.9% Of Waterborne Microorganisms

Destroy bacteria, inhibit algae growth, and reduce scaling in wastewater. Fast and efficient oxidation of many industrial contaminants such as iron and manganese. Ozone also removes phenols, organic waste constituents, and heavy metal contaminants. Water treated with ozone does not contain any chlorinated compounds that require further treatment prior to disposal.

PRAB's Oil/Water Separators | 




Oil/Water Separators


Proven Method of Fluid Reclamation

Increase the life of soluble oils, coolants, washwater, rinse water, and pressure wash-down water by separating oil from water to less than 15 ppm. System is designed to meet and exceed performance requirements of U.S. Coast Guard. 46CFR162.050 and IMO Resolution A393 (X). The separators unique gravity/ coalescence principle, removes free and mechanically dispersed oil from the influent. Reduces haul-away costs up to 90%.

PRAB's Ultraviolet Technologies | 




Ultraviolet Technologies


Simple Operation with Minimal Attention And Maintenance

Effectively remove suspended solids and organic impurities from a variety of different water streams for optimum fluid waste management. Systems are compact in size and are used with other forms of filtration, such as reverse osmosis (RO). Ozone systems help meet zero manifesting goals and comply with federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act requirements, as well as state and local discharge regulations.