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Product Brochure: Screw Conveyor



Cost Effective And Virtually Maintenance Free

Meter Feed and Distribute Wet or Dry Chips, Turnings and Swarf

The PRAB Screw Conveyor is engineered to handle a wide range of machining scrap. It is most often used to feed other chip processing equipment, such as a shredder or wringer, because of its ability to separate bundled material and meter feed. The screw conveyor is available in a variety of sizes with many options- depending on the type and form of material, storage needs, and recycling needs.

Product Brochure: Screw Conveyor |


System Features and Benefits:

  • Cost-effective and virtually maintenance free
  • Easy to operate
  • Horizontal or inclined configurations
  • Sealed trough designed for moving wet or dry material
  • Motor bearings are “off-the-shelf” for ease of maintenance
  • Abrasion-resistant flared trough construction

Available Options:

  • Load hopper may be built to fit the needs of the application
  • Dual augers
  • Customized tough surfaces
  • Helix style auger is available for special applications
  • Augers from 6” to 24” diameters
Product Brochure: Screw Conveyor |

Dual Augers Available

Product Brochure: Screw Conveyor |

Screw conveyors are excellent in applications such as feeding a metal turnings shredder