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PRAB Sump Cleaner Transport Options


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PRAB sump cleaners are available in several transport base options in addition to the standard bases. Tow larger sump cleaners using two- or four-wheel trailers; Walk sump cleaners to move through narrow aisles and tight quarters; Lift smaller sump cleaners with forklifts; and Drive large sump cleaners that travel long distances

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Standard Bases:

PT (Push/Tow) Base

Hand push and short haul tow operation. Can be pushed by one person or towed by tug. PT base is standard on the 90-,140- and 175-gallon single tank units and 60/60 and 100/100 combination tank units.

TW (Tow Only) Base

Tow operation. Pintle-eye hitch. Base is standard on the 300, 400, and 500-gallon single tank units and 150/150, 200/200, and 250/250 combination tank units.

PL (Push Lift) Base

Push/Lift – Three wheels. This base is unique to the 60-gallon Sump Shark. One swivel and two rigid casters help the Shark maneuver into tight spots. Fork pockets allow for pickup by fork lift.



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Optional Bases:

PL6 (Push/Lift) Base

Hand push or fork truck transport. Six wheels, (two rigid and four swivel casters with 8” diameter x 2” phenolic roller-bearing wheels) for mobility in tight spaces. Longitudinal sleeves have two-way entry for fork truck transport.

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PM (Pallet Mover) Base

Pallet truck engages swivel skid, raises to transport height and maneuvers Sump cleaner through narrow aisles and tight turns.

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The CB1 Base customized sump cleaner transport to meet your plant’s needs.

The CB1 Base is a universal mount for use with industrial, walk/ride trucks, and 2 or 4-wheel trailers. The universal mounting base cradles the sump cleaner tank. The base is fitted with bolt flanges for easy installation on powered in-plant vehicles or trailers. The design permits a wide variety of handling options for large tank sump cleaners. Please call to discuss your transport needs.

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