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PRAB Q&A – Fluid Testing Capabilities

Tom Tripepi - PRAB Fluid Filtration Technical Director


For organizations interested in implementing an Ultrafiltration system, PRAB provides fluid tests to ensure that the unit will meet the client’s needs. Tom Tripepi is PRAB’s Fluid Filtration Technical Director. With more than 40 years of experience, he is well-versed in the ins and outs of wastewater and fluid testing.

Q) What is the purpose of PRAB’s fluid testing lab?
A) The goal is to check the customer’s sample to see what PRAB equipment is best suited for this application. PRAB has offered this service since 2008.

Q) How would an organization approach PRAB to take advantage of this opportunity?
A) Typically, when we acquire a lead and our salesmen start working with a potential customer, we will ask the prospective customer to submit samples to us for evaluation. This allows us to evaluate the samples and pick the best equipment suited for the job as well as prove the performance of the equipment.

Q) What are some additional advantages that these fluid tests offer?
A) In addition to verifying that the equipment will meet the customer’s needs, these tests also tell us if we need to add pre-treatment or post-treatment equipment for the application.

With assistance from the client’s maintenance team, our technician was able to remove the damaged oscillator unit and install a new one. From there, the necessary adjustments were made, and we ran the system for an hour to ensure everything was working properly.

This is a good example of field service, in-house technical support, and quoting working together to take care of a customer.

Q) What kind of testing is offered?
A) We offer:

  • 15-minute and 24-hour appearance tests
  • Solids Testing
  • pH Testing
  • Conductivity Testing
  • Total Dissolved Solids Testing

For wastewater applications we work with outside labs for testing samples to see if the water can be recycled for reuse or put to sewer.

Q) From where you sit, what does a perfect fluid test look like?
A) I consider it to be an effective interaction when a customer comes away feeling that our team understands and appreciates their needs or issues. We want them to feel that their questions were resolved quickly and come away with a positive customer experience that will keep them coming back to PRAB.