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Ford Utilizes TW’s To Reduce High Tramp Oil Levels


Automaker suffers with production downtime and reduction in productivity due to excessive build-up over time of tramp oil from machining centers.


Ford Motor Company




Tramp Oil Separator, Magnetic Separators, Mobile Separator

Business Benefits Realized

  • Longer tool life of CNC machine
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Consistant tramp oil levels which increase production

When the “Big Three” automakers are using your products, you can’t help but feel proud. The Ford Motor Company, one of the many organizations that PRAB has proudly served, has experienced the increase in production efficiency that Tramp Oil Separation technology has to offer.

One of Ford’s facilities is tasked with the production of gears and other automotive and drive train related parts. Much of their work is done on transfer lines with all types of machining of cast iron and steel parts. Throughout the machining process, high levels of tramp oil tend to build up and over extended production runs reduce cutting effectiveness. This led to numerous down time situations and a reduction in productivity.

They knew that they had a problem. They also realized that the technology they had was aging and was in need of replacement. They had been using a paper vacuum filter with a high-speed disc centrifuge. This system offered several disadvantages, which included heavy maintenance requirements and continuous filter changes.

This facility had a very turbulent, 18,000-gallon central coolant system. As a result, tramp oil levels varied from 3% to over 6%. They had 24 hours to reduce tramp oil levels below 6%, or they had to dump the entire coolant system. This requirement heavily burdened their previous arrangement.

PRAB approached the Plant and offered a TW-50 with a Magnadrum pre-filter. After seeing the obvious benefits of tramp oil separation, they eventually bought the TW-50 as well as two TW-100’s with Magnetic Separators and a TWM-25 Mobile Separator.

Since the installation of the PRAB units, tramp oil levels have stayed at about 2%. (With an acid split test, tramp oil percentages are better than 70% pure.) One operator commented that he was getting 430 more parts between cutter replacements and was pleased with the overall performance of the system.

The equipment continues to run well with very little maintenance. Three more units were also purchased recently.