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Over time, operators continue to experience the superior value, low maintenance and lower operating costs of PRAB Fluid Recycling Systems. They are saving money and increasing profit margins with typical system payback in 6-9 months.

PRAB customers are achieving the following proven results:
  • Documented reduction of new fluid purchases up to 75%.
  • Reduced fluid disposal costs by approximately 90%.
  • Extended tool life by up to 25%.
  • Lower maintenance and labor costs.
  • Increased operator productivity.
  • Elimination of tramp-oil issues.

Known for its durability and rugged design, PRAB equipment is handling the toughest challenges in the harsh conditions of your industry. In fact, we still have active equipment in the field that was sold over 50 years ago and PRAB Fluid Recycling Systems are no exception to this proven longevity.

We keep you up and running. In addition to the long life of PRAB equipment, you receive a full performance guarantee, and access to a full team of service and support personnel that are available and ready to keep you moving.

PRAB has maintained nearly $1.5 million in parts inventory for the past 3 years ensuring customers have what they need, when they need it to decrease or eliminate unplanned downtime and meet production demands.

See PRAB’s full-line of fluid recycling products or for questions about your application and equipment options, contact a PRAB product specialist today or call us at (800)968-7722.

To see the results other customers are experiencing, download one of our free case studies.


Case Study:

Aerospace Components Manufacturer Reduces its Environmental Impact and Cuts New Coolant Purchases by 75%