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Managing waste is not a part-time activity; rather, it is a full-time commitment that each business owner
must make to stay in business.


Tramp Oil

Tramp oil contributes to bacterial growth which is problematic in water miscible fluids. This bacterium is not only harmful to workers, but lowers the fluid pH, increasing tool/part corrosion and staining and can make the fluid hazardous waste at the time of disposal.

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Cutting Fluid

With the right Fluid Management Program (FMP), you can decrease your spending on new coolant purchases. You can also reduce the cost associated with the mixing of fluids used for cooling, lubricating, removing fines/cuttings from cutting zone, and those used in corrosion protection.

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Disposing hazardous grinding swarf or filter cake can be difficult and expensive. In addition, due to its high surface area, swarf composed of some reactive metals can be highly flammable. All important reasons to find a solution to remove as much oil from the swarf as possible.

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Machining Chips & Turnings

Metal chips and turnings produced from milling and machining operations can cause safety hazards in handling and take up valuable space on the shop floor. By automating the process with chip processing and handling equipment your metal scrap is automatically hauled away from the source so operators can stay in production, spending less time cleaning up the waste. Chip volume is decreased, freeing up floor space, and separating the chips from fluid will increase your metal value from the scrap recycler.

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Stamping & Die Scrap

Waste generated at a metal stamping operation can range from metal scrap, hydraulic fluids, lubricants, and machine oils to used parts, cleaning solutions and absorbents. If you are metalforming, PRAB can help find, and build, the right system for your process.

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Sludges, Solvents and Corrosive Waste

Left untreated, incoming water can wreak havoc on your manufacturing processes. In addition, modern processes for process water, such as rinse water, wash water, chemical baths, parts finishing, and cooling water, require mineral free water for optimum performance. Find the right water treatment solution for your process.

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Certain manufacturing processes create undesirable wastewater that often needs to be chemically treated or hauled away at great expense, both in terms of dollars and manpower. The optimum solution for these challenges is recycling or repurposing your wastewater.

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