Machining Chips & Turnings | PRAB

Metal chips and turnings produced from milling and machining operations can cause safety hazards in handling and take up valuable space on the shop floor. By automating the process with chip processing and handling equipment your metal scrap is automatically hauled away from the source so operators can stay in production, spending less time cleaning up the waste. Chip volume is decreased, freeing up floor space, and separating the chips from fluid will increase your metal value from the scrap recycler.

Advantages of automating metal scrap removal and processing Include:

  • Higher value from metal scrap and fluid
  • Improved housekeeping
  • Increased worker safety
  • Decreased forklift traffic
  • More

PRAB can help you find the right solution for managing and handling your machining scrap. We offer a full selection of metal chip processing, fluid filtration, and conveying equipment that can be custom designed to meet your needs. Contact us for your custom solution.