Tramp Oil | PRAB

Tramp oil contributes to bacterial growth which is problematic in water miscible fluids. This bacterium is not only harmful to workers, but lowers the fluid pH, increasing tool/part corrosion and staining and can make the fluid hazardous waste at the time of disposal.

Preventing these issues can be done through several options:

  • Finding and fixing leaks through proactive preventative maintenance
  • Removing metal chips/fines
  • Skim/centrifuge fluid to remove bacterial growth
  • Control water quality (e.g. dissolved minerals)
  • Maintain proper fluid concentration and pH levels
  • Routine maintenance, cleaning of machines, lines and sups
  • Aeration

PRAB can help you find your solution for combating the issues associated with tramp oil. We offer a full selection of fluid filtration equipment that can be custom designed to meet your needs for removing free-floating and mechanically dispersed tramp oils, bacteria, slime, inverted emulsions, and more from individual machine sumps, central systems, and wash tanks. Contact us for your custom solution.