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Need to resolve an industrial water, or a wastewater treatment issue so you can ensure your operation is in compliance with new EPA regulations? Is worker safety becoming more of an issue due to a change in your production process? Or do you just need to work with someone who can find a customized solution to make your process more efficient and profitable?

Review these common problems and learn more about how PRAB can partner with you to find a solution to the challenge you are facing.


Lost Scrap & Fluid Value

Like many things in life, it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. And the “how” involved in the collecting, sorting, and moving of your material matters in a big way. Find the right balance and get the most out of your process by maintaining both your front and back-end systems.

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Lost Scrap & Fluid Value |


Plant Safety

Limiting workplace hazards and potential injuries is not only a no-brainer, it’s a cost-saver. Learn how to go about identifying weak links in your system and discover how PRAB can design a solution that keeps your workforce safer.

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Plant Safety |


Haul-Away & Disposal

Trying to find a better way to move and haul away your scrap metal or treat wastewater in-house? PRAB can partner with you to design a strategic solution to your system, considering every step and logistical eventuality that’s involved in the handling and disposal of waste.

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Haul-Away & Disposal |


Productivity & Downtime

Need to find a solution that keeps material out of the hands of your workers and prevents it from piling up on your shop floor? We engineer our equipment to serve a wide variety of automated scrap and material handling needs.

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Productivity & Downtime |


Regulatory Compliance

Want to make sure a new step in your material handling process is meeting strict EPA or OSHA regulations? We engineer our equipment so that every part of your process complies with all the environmental and workplace regulations you may encounter.

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Regulatory Compliance |


Forklift Traffic

Forklift trucks can present a significant safety hazard to operators as well as anyone in the proximity of forklift traffic in the facility. When accidents occur, the monetary costs can add up quickly. Automated solutions, like PRAB conveying systems, are designed to quickly and efficiently move this material out of the work zone to an area where it can be processed, disposed of or recycled.

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Forklift Traffic |