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Is your scrap collection system starting to spill scrap and leak coolant directly onto your shop floor? If you answered yes to this question, you aren’t alone. It’s a problem many industrial manufacturers struggle to rein in at one point or another because it may involve re-examining their material handling equipment at a cost that doesn’t seem feasible at first selecting the right scrap conveyor or coolant recycling system can actually keep costly worker’s compensation and insurance claims from hitting you where it hurts.

When you picture how many parts a high-volume operation machines every day – and the fact that all that scrap and coolant ends up on the shop floor – you shouldn’t be surprised that your wet walking surface poses a major problem. Updated OSHA standards requiring employers to regularly inspect their facilities for slip, trip, and fall hazards makes preventing workplace accidents even more essential. Therefore, the goal should be to move scrap metal and coolant away from walking and working surfaces as quickly as possible.

PRAB can help you make the leap to implement a conveying solution that is proven to protect your workers from injury and save you money in the process. Our solutions help you protect your business from significant liability and medical costs, lost productivity, and potentially irreparable damage to your reputation.

Download one of our case studies to read about how we helped one of our customers keep their shop floor free of metal scrap and coolant. Then contact us today to get us started on finding a solution to keep your workers safe from hazards.