Lost Scrap & Fluid Value | PRAB

When push comes to shove, make-or-break financial decisions tend to be made in favor of keeping front-line systems in operation. But the systems that handle the back-end of the process, byproducts like scrap metal and spent fluid, can be equally draining on your budget if they are not regularly evaluated our maintained for efficiency.

Fine-tuning these processes can save you money and increase the value of your operation as a whole. At PRAB, we understand that, for many, prioritizing these kinds of systems requires a reversal of conventional wisdom.

Compacting loose chips into smaller and denser briquettes is one way you can dramatically increase the value of your scrap material processing. For example, after an aerospace manufacturing client of ours took a closer look at briquetting, they reached out to us to help them reduce their volume of scrap by 12.5 times. The equipment they selected, PRAB’s Dualpak™ briquetter, also helped the client save on coolant recovery and recycling, increase ROI from a metal recycler who purchased the scrap, and enhance productivity.

But the bigger story for them was in the lasting value and opportunity for sustained growth the system provided. In less than 30 months, the client was able to pay off their new equipment, allowing them to reap a 100% profit from the Dualpak System.

Download a case study to read another example highlighting how PRAB has generated ROI for other scrap handling and fluid recycling operations. Then contact us today to find out how we can increase the value and efficiency of your process.