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Metal Scrap & Fluid Value Solutions

Whether it’s a new international trade policy, an increase in the price of coolant, or other circumstance effecting the expenses of operation, the basic costs of doing business are a fact of life for every metalworking operation.

When budgets are tight, often due to factors beyond the operation’s control, financial decisions related to purchasing equipment tend to favor front-line systems such as CNC machines, mills, lathes, and band saws. But systems that handle the back-end of the process, like scrap metal and spent fluid, are equally important to improving a shop’s profit margin. PRAB metal scrap processing, fluid recycling, and industrial water and wastewater treatment systems offer opportunities that not only increase waste value, but offer other advantages that can directly benefit your bottom line.

PRAB’s experienced equipment specialists will help you address the factors impacting your profit margins to maximize the value of your metal scrap and cutting fluids.

Learn more about how PRAB automated systems turn your metalworking waste streams into revenue streams. Download your free white paper or contact us today.

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