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Vertical Axis Crushers

PRAB Vertical Axis CrusherReduce metal turnings and bulky wads of material into shovel-grade chips

Nested wads of metal turnings take up valuable floor space, are a safety hazard when sticking out of drums and bins, and offer reduced scrap value because recyclers have added costs for processing. Improving and automating the scrap management process begins with a crusher for volume reduction. The Vertical Axis Crusher is one of the most effective pieces of equipment for quickly and safely making flowable, thumbnail-sized chips from wads of turnings. The crusher can be a stand-alone unit or an integral part of a Chip Processing System. Other volume reduction equipment designed and manufactured by PRAB includes the Horizontal Axis Crusher, and Shredder.

Turnings are fed into the crusher either through a plant-wide conveyor system or an automated dump feed system with standard barrels or chip carts. The turnings are fed into the feed hopper which directs the material down into the metal crusher's fixed cast cutters and rotating feeder arm that reduces the metal into smaller pieces. Final crushing is done within fixed rotating cutting rings. The exclusive, PRAB designed solids ejector {include image for solids ejector on this page} automatically discharges bar-ends. This critical component protects the equipment from damage and virtually eliminates downtime from lodged parts. The PRAB solids ejector maximizes uptime and labor allocations.



  • Reduces up to six times the volume of material
  • Processes up to 2,500 lb/hr (1.134 kg/hr) of material
  • Increases the efficiency in reclaiming cutting fluids and coolants
  • Lowers transportation costs and reduces housekeeping maintenance


  • Further down stream processing of reduced material may include centrifuging or briquetting to separate fluids from solids
  • Automated storage and load out systems may also be incorporated
Nominal Capacity* (steel) 1-2 tons/hr
(907-1.814 kg/hr)
Footprint 54 in x 40 in
(1.4 m x 1 m)
Motor Power 20HP
Net Weight 3,000 lbs

* Capacity varies with different types of material. For accurate output figures in lbs/hr (kg/hr) take the vertical axis crusher for a FREE test drive!

Feed hoppers are required to facilitate loading. Available in multiple sizes to fit your application requirements.