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Don’t Leave Money on the Shop Floor

Metalworking operations that do not process their metal scrap before sending to the recycler-reducing volume and separating chips from fluid-and those that do not filter cutting fluid lose valuable revenue from metal scrap and fluid waste that could otherwise be properly managed to increase waste value.

Other operations that choose to increase the value of their metal scrap and cutting fluid by purchasing metal scrap processing and fluid recycling equipment have the significant advantage of making an informed decision on the application’s success and expected return on investment before the purchase is made by having the supplier perform material testing on the equipment.

As part of a value-added service, PRAB simulates the manufacturer’s process at PRAB’s in-house equipment testing lab. Our application knowledge and testing experience lay the groundwork for customer projects, setting a basic expectation of savings and product results that a customer can anticipate from their new equipment.

Learn more about how PRAB material testing can show you how much money you can expect to save by processing your metal scrap or filtering your cutting fluid, contact us today.

Application Review:

Auto manufacturer Sees Results BEFORE Installation of Equipment Through PRAB’s ‘Prove it Before You Use it’ Approach

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