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Conveyors You Can Rely On

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PRAB automated conveyors effectivly move metal scrap away from the point of production—eliminating manual handling of sharp scrap. Our conveyors are proven durable and long-lasting.

The reliability and longevity of a conveyor is determined in their initial design. PRAB integrates critical design elements into each conveyor project during the engineering phase-specific to the unique application and materials to be handled.

After the design phase, our skilled fabricators-averaging 23+ years of welding experience-turn these drawings into heavy-duty systems, constructed to withstand decades of operation.

Rugged and Reliable Engineered & Built for Long Life Conveyor Systems |

In addition to conveyor longevity, our equipment is built to keep uptime high and maintenance costs low. In the past 10 years PRAB has implemented 13 product design improvements to maximize serviceability and reduce downtime.


To replace your high maintenance conveyor with one that will withstand time-designed for your die casting operation contact a PRAB conveyor expert.