Proving ROI Before Purchasing How Materials Testing Confirms ROI of Metal Scrap Processing Equipment | PRAB

Know Your ROI Before You Buy

Would you like to know the ROI of a metal scrap processing system before signing a purchase order? Request to have a sample of your metal scrap processed at PRAB’s testing lab and you’ll get to see what your return will be prior to purchase.


During your materials test, an application engineer documents:

Materials Testing At It's Best |

After you receive your results, you can discuss your test data with your metal recycler and estimate the higher resale value of your metal scrap.


Metal scrap represents the second greatest source of revenue for metalworking operations. Metal Scrap Recycling Systems from PRAB are proven to:


Increase metal scrap value up to 25%

Reclaim up to 99% of valuable cutting fluids

Decrease metal scrap volume by 90%

How PRAB’s Test Lab
Verifies Your ROI

Watch this video to see for yourself how PRAB’s test lab documents the ROI for Metal Scrap Processing Equipment. To determine the value of your metal scrap through a material test, contact us or call PRAB to speak with a Metal Scrap Processing Specialist at (800) 968-7722.