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Want ROI? With PRAB, You’ve Got It

Are you looking for strategies that will move your metalworking operation’s margins in a positive direction? When incorporated as a process improvement, metal scrap processing equipment is proven to contribute revenue and generate cost-savings.


Examples of 12-Month ROI for 2 PRAB customers:

Examples of 12-Month ROI for 2 PRAB customers |

Not all metal scrap processing equipment is created equal. Economical solutions may get the job done, but they are unlikely to deliver the best ROI. By modifying your metal scrap process with PRAB technologies you can:


Increase metal scrap value up to 25%

Reclaim up to 99% of valuable cutting fluids

Decrease metal scrap volume by 90%

How to Increase Your Profitability


Watch this video to learn how PRAB Metal Scrap Processing Equipment’s ROI can help improve your profit margins. To begin capturing the maximum value from your metalworking waste, contact us or call PRAB to speak with a Metal Scrap Processing Specialist at
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