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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Keeping You Ahead of the Curve

Industrial Internet of Things – Smart Material Handling, Fluid Filtration and Wastewater Equipment from PRAB

At PRAB, we’re proactive when it comes to solving the biggest chip and fluid management challenges for our customers. We also take pride in our company culture, which is driven by new ideas, innovative thinking, and a desire to continuously improve. These philosophies are the foundation of everything we do, and our Industrial Internet of Things initiative aligns perfectly with them.

We now offer IIoT as an add-on or retrofit upgrade to any new or existing PRAB equipment and systems. With this revolutionary technology – commonly found on the consumer side in fitness wristbands, smart watches, and smart home devices like thermostats – PRAB raises the standard even higher for the performance, availability, and reliability of our systems for processing chips, turnings, metalworking fluids and recycling wastewater.

What exactly is IIoT? It is a connected network of small (and affordable) computers and sensors that serves as your operation’s “nervous system.” Our IIoT solution provides the necessary infrastructure and software so you can collect and analyze system data on virtually any connected end-user device, such as a tablet, smartphone, or computer. Comprehensive analytics capabilities provide real-time monitoring for preventive maintenance, as well as operational insights that can streamline your processes.

It’s a new, modern way to manage chip processing and wastewater recycling. Now you can identify issues before they cause problems in your application, disruptions to your process, or damage to your equipment.

Learn more about how PRAB IIoT can prevent unplanned downtime and improve your profitability. Fill out the form to access blogs, white papers and other useful information about this must-have technology for your chip processing and wastewater recycling operation.

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