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Installing an automated conveyor system can dramatically improve the productivity and safety of your metalworking operation.

Many work tasks involved in the movement of metal scrap can injure workers causing sprains, cuts, lacerations, and punctures (Bureau of Labor Statistics). But, by removing or reducing the following activities, these injuries can be avoided.

Employees and managers should consider safety when handling scrap metal both as tasks are being performed and when the job is complete. In the long term, investing in the right conveyor system is generally the best choice for doing this.

Do the Research When Choosing the Right Solution

Do your homework. Research and read as many white papers, case studies, and articles you can find on various metal scrap conveyor systems and suppliers. This will help your shop form its own ideas about what decision to make. Many companies can sell you conveyor, but an experienced supplier will ensure you have the right conveyor system for your specific scrap type, goals, and requirement to ensure your project stays on track from beginning to start-up.

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