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Get 25% More Tool Life with a PRAB Fluid Filtration Systems


Maintaining the coolant manufacturer’s recommended concentration level is essential to achieving lubricity sufficient for protecting the machine tool and is a major contributor to obtaining maximum service life from metalworking tools.

PRAB Fluid Recycling Systems automate the management of coolant quality by removing free-floating and mechanically dispersed contaminants-including tramp oils and bacteria-and adjusts fluid concentration for recovery.

Clean, recycled coolant reduces sump maintenance, improves machining quality and extends tool life. Studies show that tool life can be significantly extended-up to 25% – with effective coolant recycling equipment. In addition, fluid recycling significantly reduces new fluid purchase costs and lower hazardous waste disposal costs to provide ROI in multiple ways.

For more information on how PRAB Fluid Filtration Systems can help extend your tooling life, contact a PRAB Fluid Filtration Specialist today.

See How it Works:

The PRAB Guardian Coolant Recycling System succeeds while others fail.