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Cutting Fluid’s Vital Role in Extending Tool Life

In 2017 and 2018, demand for machine tools had surpassed supply, so much that average lead times increased from four or five months to eight months to 2 years.

In addition to the issue of lead time for replacement tools, broken or worn tools are expensive to replace and cause unplanned downtime. While these problems cannot be totally avoided, the service life of tooling can be extended.

One of the most effective ways to extend tool life is through proper fluid management which has been proven to extend service life up to 25%.

See more about cutting fluids vital role in extending tool life in this free whitepaper, which will:

  • Explain how dirty cutting fluids shorten tool life.
  • Identify primary and secondary tool replacement costs.
  • Clarify common misconceptions about the value of back-end fluid filtration system
  • Explain how coolant recycling provides return on investment in multiple ways.
  • Outline filtration solutions available.

To ask us how PRAB can help you significantly reduce coolant purchases and extend your tooling life contact a PRAB Fluid Filtration Specialist today.

White Paper Download:

Extending Tool Life In Metalworking Operations

White Paper: Extending Tool Life In Metalworking Operations | Prab.com