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KMC Global Battery Recycling Equipment

A variety of equipment and technology goes into the battery recycling process to separate, capture, and refine metal ions. The process starts with bulk material handling, then focuses on crushing and separating the various components of the batteries using hydrometallurgical technologies. Through this process, we can refine metals to 99.5% purity. Post separation, KMC Global incorporates conveyance systems and bulk material handling equipment to measure and package recovered materials.

KMC Global is a diverse group of companies which design and manufacture equipment that enhances industrial material processing (i.e., battery recycling). The equipment manufactured collectively by the group includes conveyors, material screeners, metal crushers, bulk bag loading and unloading, hydrometallurgical, and wastewater recycling.

Backed by years of experience building material processing equipment, KMC Global offers solutions that makes these operations safe and efficient. Our team works confidentially with customers on an individual basis, collecting application data and creating viable solutions that fit specific objectives and requirements.


Black Mass Handling

  • Bulk Bag Fillers
  • Bulk Bag Unloaders
  • Custom Tanks
  • Tubular Drag and Helix® Conveyors
  • Flexible Screw Conveyors
  • Drag Conveyors
  • Liquid/Solid Systems

Bulk Material Handling

  • Liquid-Tight, Heavy-Duty Conveyance Systems/Conveyors
  • Bucket Elevator Conveyance Systems
  • Fully Integrated Systems including Mezzanines, Platforms, Tanks, Pumps, and fully automated PLC/HMI Controls


  • Ultrafiltration H₂O/Acid Membranes
  • Nanofiltration H₂O/Acid Membranes
  • Reverse Osmosis H₂O/Acid Membranes
  • Vacuum Evaporation Systems
  • pH Adjust Systems

Proven Technologies Utilized for Battery Recyling:


PRAB Ultrafiltration/Nanofiltration

Using membrane filtration technology, these systems effectively remove suspended impurities from a variety of different streams for optimum water management.

PRAB Reverse Osmosis Equipment

PRAB Reverse Osmosis

Typically used for industrial, metalworking, and surface treatment applications as a final process after ultrafiltration or chemical treatment of incoming water, process water, or industrial wastewater.

PRAB Evaled® Vacuum Evaporator Equipment

PRAB Evaled® Vacuum Evaporators

Effective fluid waste management solution for concentrating and removing contaminants and a variety of hazardous components. Reduce wastewater volumes and produce high quality, reusable distillate.

Liquid-Tight Conveyors

PRAB/CDM Liquid-Tight Conveyors

Built to last, these conveyors feature leak-proof construction and sizes ranging from low- to extremely high-volume options that are available for a variety of materials. Positive discharge provides a clean operation while eliminating carryover.

Bucket Elevator

CDM Systems Bucket Elevators

Specialized in vertical conveying of large amounts of material ranging from heavy iron ore pellets to sand, fly ash and other dusty, powdery, dry material. Available with choice of centrifugal or continuous discharge in belt or chain.

Tubular Drag Conveyor

Hapman Tubular Drag Conveyors

Capable of handling powders, granules, fibers, or friable clumps, whether sluggish or free flowing, hot or cold, wet or dry, mild or abrasive, inert or reactive.

Bulk Bag Handling

Hapman Bulk Bag Handling

Designed with efficiency in mind and available in a variety of models, both bulk bag fillers and unloaders are customizable to meet the most specific needs, regardless of weight or material.

Helix® Flexible Screw Conveyor

Hapman Helix® Flexible Screw Conveyors

With a single moving part, in the standard Helix, there will be minimal maintenance required. Available in a variety of models that include portable and hi/lo models.