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Tramp Metal Separators

Protect processing equipment from metal solids

PRAB Tramp Metal SeparatorPRAB offers a complete line of tramp metal separators to remove bar-ends, broken tooling and other solids from chip flow protecting processing equipment from damage.

PRAB's five unique tramp metal separators are engineered to perform at different levels to efficiently handle the variety of metal chips and turnings produced by today's high-speed, metalworking industry.

  • Increase productivity by reducing downtime
  • Save time and money on costly repairs

Model O

A heavy-duty oscillating conveyor fed air classifier designed for large chip processing systems. The unit positively separates all types of solids from material flow. Typical throughput of metal chips are 200 ft3/hr (5.6 m3/hr). A 20 hp blower and plenum system are designed to recirculate airflow, reducing misting issues

Model V

A vibratory feeder/air classifier separates solids from wet chips and turnings at a rate of 100 ft3 (2.8 m3) of metal scrap per hour. Return air system recirculates airflow, reducing misting issues.

Model G

A gravity-fed, free standing air classifier can process metal scrap at rates up to 80 ft3/hr (2.2 m3/hr). The unit positively separates tramp metal from material flow. A 20 hp blower and plenum system is designed to recirculate air flow, reducing misting issues

Model R

The R Separator is specifically designed to feed PRAB Diagonal-Shaft Wringers. The unit incorporates a blower and rotary air lock mounting to the wringer infeed conveyor. Two adjustable plenums control air flow into the wringer infeed. The model R is capable of being "fine tuned" when needing to divert very small solids from the chip flow. The unit can process metal scrap continuously at rates up to 60 ft3/hr (1.6 m3/hr)

Model S Separator / Screener

Generally used for cast-iron applications, the S Model  is a vibrating bar screener deck. It can be provided as a stand alone unit or it can also attach to the inlet of a wringer or briquetter to separate flowable chips from solids and reject castings