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The Economics of Industrial Processes and Hazardous Discharge

Getting rid of used water-based coolant or washwater is expensive. You have to pay for handling, trucking and treatment by your local POTW (Publicly Operated Treatment Works). Plus, you have to replace it with clean water. Your costs can vary based on local water supply, fuel price and even the edicts of the POTW. (The EPA sets limits for the POTWs, but you live under the requirements of the local POTW.)

Your goal should be to recycle your coolant, washwater and other fluids locally to increase your tool life and product quality, reduce your maintenance, and increase the life of your working fluids. Finally, when you do have to dispose of it, you have a smaller volume to get rid of, or a concentrated stream that you can treat yourself for lower cost handling at the POTW.

There are industrial filtration equipment technology options for all phases of the fluid waste management lifecycle, including particle filtration, membrane separation (micro-, nano- and ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis), and vacuum evaporation technology. Vacuum evaporation is a filtration technology that can positively separate contaminants while reducing or even eliminating the chemicals used in conventional waste water treatment. This kind of filtration technology improves reliability and increases the amount of water you can recover compared to conventional treatment.

Our industrial filtration equipment installations can handle 100 gal/day on individual machine tools to 5 million gal/day in central systems, often producing a payback in less than six months.

Cost Reduction, Waste Minimization, and Environmental Compliance Through Full Spectrum Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Incoming Water Treatment | Prab.com

Incoming Water Treatment

Left untreated, incoming water can wreak havoc on manufacturing processes. That’s why improving incoming water by removing total dissolved solids (TDS), minerals, chlorine, total suspended solids (TSS), and other contaminants can be harmful to your manufacturing processes. Learn more.

Process Water Treatment | Prab.com

Process Water Treatment

Modern manufacturing processes such as rinse water, wash water, chemical baths, parts finishing, and cooling water require mineral free water for optimum performance. Learn more.

Wastewater Treatment | Prab.com

Wastewater Treatment

Certain manufacturing processes create undesirable wastewater that often needs to be chemically treated or hauled away at great expense, both in terms of dollars and manpower. The optimum solution for these challenges is recycling or repurposing your wastewater (Zero Liquid Discharge – ZLD). Learn more.


PRAB offers a diverse array of solutions to combat poor incoming water, treat process water, mitigate risk, and reduce costs, including:



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