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Parts Washing Wastewater System Example

diagram of parts washing wastewater system

Parts washing operations create wastewater from wash water and mop buckets/floor scrubbers. This wastewar can be re-used and disposed of more efficiently using a well designed wastewater system. This example system contains:

  • Oil Water Separator for Recycling Alkaline Parts Wash Water
  • Fully Integrated Wastewater Treatment System
    • Parts Washer Water for Treatment
    • Mop Bucket/Floor Scrubber Wastewater
  • Equalization/Holding Tank with Level Controls
  • Oil Water Separator
  • Ultrafiltration to Remove Emulsified Oil and Grease – Permeate for Reuse
  • Evaled Vacuum Evaporation for Challenging Applications
  • Process Pumps to Return Clean Water Back to Facility for Reuse