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Preventing Metalworking Hazards and Protecting Your Workforce with Good Housekeeping Practices

If an operation avoids cleaning and organizing the plant or delays the removal of debris and other obstructions from work zones, it can expect to experience a steady decline in productivity and increased safety risks to employees.

While there are clear advantages in terms of risk avoidance and deferred maintenance, good housekeeping practices also have the potential to strengthen a company’s reputation, both within the plant and externally in the marketplace-which can be equally beneficial to the bottom line.

“Our original process was very labor intensive and required constant attention. It was not effective, far from automatic, and it certainly didn’t fit with our philosophy of having a clean, environmentally-friendly shop.”
~ Gary Sroufe, C&A Tool

PRAB metal scrap processing, fluid recycling, and industrial water and wastewater treatment systems provide several effective options for automating essential parts of a housekeeping program by eliminating dangerous, cluttered and non-compliant workspaces that can negatively impact so many essential functions and daily processes.

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Prioritizing Plant Housekeeping In the Metalworking Operation

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