Raise Productivity and Improve Workplace Safety | PRAB
PRAB Conveyors automatically move metal scrap and spent fluids away from core operations which eliminates manual scrap handling allowing for optimum production cycles, longer run times, increased worker safety, improved housekeeping and less forklift traffic.

Documented Results Achieved by PRAB Conveyor Customers

Enhanced Productivity

Downtime reduced by 12-18 minutes per die set.
“We could do a die change and not have all that external equipment to move, potentially break, or hurt someone.”
—Tooling Engineer, Stamping Operation

Safer Workplace

From forklifts in a parking lot to conveyed briquettes.
“Our Process of disposing metal scrap has become more ergonomic and safer.”
-Jack Rovan, Martin-Baker

Transfer metal scrap from stamping, die-cast, laser, and machining operations with the industry’s broadest line of scrap conveyor options. Contact a PRAB Conveyor Expert today to see how to increase your shops productivity and safety or try our free Conveyor Selector Tool to find out what conveyor might be best for your process.

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