Metal Machining Scrap Equipment | PRAB

PRAB’s Machining Scrap Processing Equipment division offers a full-line of scrap metal equipment for reducing metalworking scrap to flowable chips and separating chips from spent fluid for recycle or reuse.

Our experienced sales and engineering staff works with each customer on an individual basis, collecting vital application data and putting together the best scrap metal recycling solution to meet their specific requirements. We will work with each customer to help them increase productivity, get more value from their metal scrap, use less floor space for moving and storing, and create a cleaner, more safe working environment. PRAB’s full-line of scrap metal processing equipment includes:

Turning & Chip Processing Systems |

Turning & Chip Processing Systems

Complete metal scrap size reduction and fluid separation system for small to medium volumes of turnings and flowable chips. Typical systems include crusher/wringer, shredder/wringer, or compact, skid-mounted e-series systems. Learn more.

Modular Chip Processing Systems |

Modular Chip Processing Systems

Complete, large-volume metal scrap volume reduction, fluid separation, weighed transferring and load-out system for automotive/transportation, aerospace, defense, heavy-industrial, and large tiered-supplier operations. Modular sections are skid-mounted and pre-wired for quick installation allowing for maximum metal scrap processing within weeks. Learn more.

Briquetters |


Superior dual ram compression technology for the industry’s densest briquettes increases the value of aluminum, steel, cast iron, copper, brass, titanium, magnesium and other metal chips, turnings and swarf by effectively squeezing out cutting fluid to create dry, compact pucks. Learn more.


Wringers & Centrifuges |

Wringers & Centrifuges

Heavy-duty chip and fluid separation system for creating dry chips and reclaiming up to 98% of cutting fluid. Uses more than 600G’s of centrifugal force. Learn more.

Vertical Axis Crushers |

Vertical Axis Crushers

Heavy-duty metal scrap volume reduction. One of the most effective systems for quickly and safely reducing metal turnings and bulky wads into shovel-grade chips. Can be used as stand-alone, or part of a larger system. Learn more.

Metal Turnings Shredders |

Metal Turnings Shredders

Cost effective metal scrap volume reduction system for creating flowable chips from turnings and bushy wads. Used as stand-alone at the discharge or CNC machines, or other machining source, or as a part of a machining scrap processing system. Learn more.


Tramp Metal Separators |

Tramp Metal Separators

Metal separating system for removing bar-ends, broken tooling and other solids from chip flow, to protect scrap processing equipment from damage. Learn more.

Horizontal Axis Crushers |

Horizontal Axis Crushers

Continuous low volume metal scrap reduction at the discharge of CNC machines or other machining source. Economical system for processing up to 300 lbs/hr of stringy and bulky turnings into flowable chips. Can be integrated into existing equipment or free-standing. Learn more.

Carts & Dumpers |

Carts & Dumpers

Move wet or dry metal chips, turnings and die scrap safely and easily with heavy-duty industrial carts and automatic dumpers. Learn more.


Horizontal Screw Presses |

Horizontal Screw Presses

Cutting fluid extraction system for swarf and filter cake. Remove up to 85% of fluid. Learn more.


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