Mining Wastewater Management | PRAB
Resource efficiency and sustainability are driving changes in many mining operations. PRAB’s EVALED® Vacuum Evaporation System delivers an environmentally conscious and innovative water treatment solution, meeting your unique industrial wastewater treatment needs.

Effectively remove heavy metals, arsenic and other contaminants from the wastewater produced in mining with an EVALED Vacuum Evaporator, for safe discharge into the environment or reuse back into the process.

PRAB Evaled Vacuum Evaporators

Applications and solutions for Mines and Ore Enrichment Plants:

Application Evaled Series Added Value
Wastewater from ore processing
(enrichment of Cu, Fe, Cr, Au, Ur,Mg)
RV, AC Water recovery
Lagoons/ponds wastewater reduction RV, AC Water reuse, lagoon cost reduction, mobile units
RO concentrates RV, AC ZLD, water recovery, disposal cost reduction
IE regeneration RV, AC ZLD, water recovery, disposal cost reduction
New or revamping wastewater treatment plants RV, AC Water reuse, disposal and operating costs reduction