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If an operation avoids cleaning and organizing the plant or delays the removal of debris and other obstructions from work zones, it can expect to experience a steady decline in productivity and an increase in the costly consequences of poor housekeeping.

While there are clear advantages in terms of risk avoidance and deferred maintenance, good housekeeping practices have the potential to strengthen a company’s reputation, both within the plant and externally in the marketplace—which can be equally beneficial to the bottom line.

Before the new system, I was gravity-draining the chips, and we had a lot of extra dumpers hanging around taking up space-at least a total of 70 dumpers instead of 30,” Rod said. “Plus, we had to dump the chips daily into an open bin outside. The handling of the chips was costly and making a mess. With fewer bins sitting around, customers always comment about how clean our operation is.

Rod Anthony, Anthony Screw Products Ltd.

PRAB metal scrap processing, fluid recycling, and industrial water and wastewater treatment systems provide several effective options for clearing scrap and processing your spent fluids.

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