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Make Estimating Your Return Easy

When your current fluid management process is labor intensive, requires a lot of downtime for sump maintenance, is wasting a lot of fluid, lacks the capacity to handle all the fluid, or has tramp-oil issues, it’s time to start thinking about a new or more efficient coolant recycling system.

Finding the ROI on this equipment before purchase is crucial in determining how the savings and costs will compare to your current fluid management process, the payback period, and all-in-all, if it is the right solution for your operation. That’s why PRAB works with customers to make estimating your return easy through our online ROI calculator, material testing, and thorough consultation.

The PRAB Guardian has a typical payback period within 6-9 months, but we know every operation is different. With the PRAB ROI calculator you will be able to plug in just a few numbers and the calculator will automatically reveal your specific payback period and savings, if it were to be installed in your operation.

Complete the form on the right to get your free and easy to use calculator to automatically estimate your projected coolant savings, haul-away savings, payback period, downtime reduction, increase in production output, tooling savings, and more.

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