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Are you wasting too much coolant or machine fluid? Or maybe you are losing valuable time and money by outsourcing a step in your processing line, leaving the compressing or transporting of your scrap up to someone else.

While it certainly makes business sense to treat and re-use wastewater in-house, it can be a daunting task for those who do not want to absorb the up-front costs of implementation. The same can be said of a briquetter and load-out conveyor system, which despite the initial costs involved, can help you condense and move more scrap, filling containers that can be hauled away faster and more efficiently than other means.

There are many available options that can help companies properly and efficiently handle their wastewater and scrap metal, both environmentally and from a business perspective. However, there isn’t one silver bullet solution for every situation. Every organization is different, and each facility must be taken as an individual case analyzed against the regulations in place for the processing site.

For example, different areas of the country require different water treatments. A small community may have small capabilities, putting more responsibility on a company to address water treatment in its process. Understanding all of the variables and having a willingness to innovate are the keys to finding a viable solution.

Download a case study to see how PRAB engineered a tailored solution for one of our clients. Then, contact us today to find out how we can set you up with the equipment to run a more efficient operation.

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