Compact And Skid-Mounted System Reduce Turnings Volume Up To 90% | PRAB

PRAB’s compact and skid-mounted chip processing systems effectively reduces metal scrap volume while separating chips from fluid. Watch it work in the video above.

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metal scrap and fluid?


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  • Recover up to 99% of cutting fluids
  • Increase metal scrap value up to 25%
  • Decrease haul-away costs
  • Free up floor space & improve housekeeping
  • Compliance with EPA requirements
  • 100% Performance Guarantee



Compact And Skid-Mounted System Reduce Turnings Volume Up To 90% |

Effectively reduce volume while separating chips from fluid.


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Increase Revenue

“On average, [the scrap dealer] is giving me an additional 15% in value for dry chips instead of wet chips. That adds up to roughly $24,000 to $28,000 per year.”
-Rod Anthony, Anthony Screw Products

Improve Workplace Safety and Productivity

“We saw an immediate increase in uptime of between 10%-15%. We also eliminated a safety hazard, were able to secure a better price for recycled metal due to a higher density and reduced bin changes 60% per shift.”
-Tom Dyment, Ingersoll Tillage Group

Reduce Labor & Maintenance

“I used to work in a shop that had PRAB equipment and it ran 24/7, with very little maintenance. When it came time to look at scrap handling systems, I wanted to go with what I felt was the best.”
-Gary Srouge, C&A Tool

Proven Long Equipment Life

PRAB delivers the reliable, durable, and dependable systems backed by a 100% Performance Guarantee. We have metal chip processing and fluid filtration systems still in operation after 30 years.


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