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Conveyors For E-Scrap? |


Electronic waste, or e-scrap is the fastest growing segment of the world’s solid waste stream, predicted to continue to have significant growth in the next five years and beyond. It is also one of the most difficult to dispose of and recover. Recycling methods used for electronic scrap vary, because the components often contain hazardous materials that may include:

The toxic materials in e-scrap |

The toxic materials in e-scrap
account for up to 70% of the toxic
waste in US landfills.


  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium
  • Antimony
  • And, many other chemicals

This scrap is composed of many different materials, parts, and sizes which contain valuable and recoverable materials such as aluminum, ferrous metals, copper, gold and silver.

Due to the large variety in the e-scrap environment, the proper conveyor system for moving it may contain a variety of conveyor products. To ensure maximum uptime is achieved over the long life of the equipment, PRAB provides full-process consultation and product testing on in-house lab systems at no cost to clients. Our full-service sales, engineering and technical service departments all work together to optimize the customers’ process and mitigate their risk.

E-Scrap Environment |

The most recognized and versatile is the traditional steel belt conveyor. Steel belt conveyors are a relatively inexpensive and practical way to move and elevate large volumes of material in harsh environments.

The right conveyor can help combat the challenges of removing e-scrap, and other metal scrap away from core operations- which allows for optimum production cycles, longer run times, increased worker safety, improved housekeeping and less fork lift traffic.

Though steel belt conveyors make up much of the conveyor market, PRAB Steel Belt Conveyor PRAB manufactures many other types of conveyance products in addition to the steel belt, as well as a full-line of metal chip processing, fluid filtration, and wastewater treatment equipment for removing hazardous materials from e-scrap and other waste streams.

For more information on PRAB Conveyor Systems, or E-scrap wastewater treatment options contact us, or request a quote today.

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