Blog: Making Wastewater Compliance Part of a Profit Strategy

Modern manufacturing operations are constantly looking for ways to innovate and increase productivity. This means making the most efficient use of any resource essential to the process. These resources, which can be finite commodities whose prices can fluctuate dramatically each year, often can be the drivers for increasing unplanned expenses, lowering efficiency, and impacting annual profits.

Water is considered an essential resource for many manufacturing operations, as well as being one of the most heavily regulated. In an effort to trim expenses and comply with ever-tightening federal, state, and local regulations, industrial water and wastewater treatment has become a critical focal point for modern plant operations.

Getting Acquainted with the Right Solution

As state and local regulations are passed to ensure safe water for the population, new wastewater treatment regulations are added. Unable to shoulder the costs for enhancements to infrastructure capacity or capability, the burden then is passed on to businesses to adjust their processes to ensure compliance. This effectively builds in the cost of changing compliance measures at the expense of private business’ profits.

With so many variables for different manufacturing processes, as well as the differences in local regulations across the nation, there is no all-encompassing solution. Businesses must be acquainted with, and mindful of, their wastewater composition and how it should be treated to achieve full regulatory compliance- they must:

  • Understand what’s in the wastewater.
  • Create a strategy to address specific wastewater challenges.
  • Choose a wastewater system that ensures compliance.
  • Operate a system that will offer ROI.
  • Embrace a system that can adapt and expand for future needs.

Staying a Step Ahead of the Compliance Curve

There is no end in sight for the increasing demand and costs for quality water. Companies that choose to be proactive about their water management will stay one step ahead of the compliance curve while ensuring that a critical resource for daily operation stays reliable and intact. PRAB specializes in solving fluid management issues and increasing customers’ profitability with standard or custom-engineered coolant or wastewater filtration and recycling systems.

PRAB understands how to identify the keys to wastewater compliance and offer effective, proven solutions. The process starts with providing competent testing and design engineering, combined with pilot equipment for most technologies offered to minimize risk.

The full line of PRAB wastewater filtration equipment starts with a simple paper bed filter and magnetic separator and moves through vacuum filtration and ultrafiltration technology.

  • Ultrafiltration: Designed to separate emulsified oils and suspended solids from wastewater and coolant, reducing oily water volumes by as much as 98% without chemicals.
  • Vacuum Evaporators: Heat pumps, hot/cold water evaporators, and mechanical vapor recompression units offer clean separation technology for a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: Remove up to 99.5% of dissolved salts and virtually all colloidal and suspended matter from the most challenging waste and feed water applications.
  • Paper Bed & Magnetic Paper Bed Filters: Extend coolant and tool life, , and increase surface finish an average of 27%.
  • Solid Bowl Centrifuges: Manual and automatic models offer benefits of centrifugal separation with the advantage of an easily removable bowl for simple cleanup/maintenance.
  • Tramp Oil Separators: Remove free-floating and mechanically dispersed tramp oils from individual machine sumps, central systems, and wash tanks.
  • Guardian Coolant Recycling Systems: Cut coolant disposal costs up to 90%.

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