Industrial Wastewater Treatment - Reuse Wastewater & Lower Discharge

Wastewater generated by manufacturing companies is expensive to dispose of and faces strict regulations. Reducing, reusing and treating wastewater onsite saves costs, lowers risk and protects the environment.

Reduce Disposal Costs

We helped one automotive manufacturer reduced their disposal costs 15x.

Meet Discharge Regulations

Obtain your POTW permit and meet your industry's specific effluent regulations.

Environmental Sustainability

Achieve Zero Liquid Discharge, improve public opinion, and increase profitability.

Avoid Fines

Meet federal pre-treatment standards and reduce financial risk.

Industrial Wastewater Challenges:

BOD/COD for Discharge – The concentration of BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) is an important factor in whether your wastewater can be discharged to POTW or sewer.

Heavy Metals – POTW discharge permits frequently limit concentrations of arsenic, barium, cadmium, chrome, mercury, silver, and other heavy metals.

pH Balance – How acidic or basic your wastewater often determines whether you can discharge it to your local POTW or reuse it in your process.

Oil Removal – Fats, oils and grease (FOG), wet solids, mechanically/chemically emulsified oils, and dissolved oil must be removed from wastewater before discharge or reuse.

Solids – Discharge permits may regulate the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), or Total Solids (TS) in your wastewater. Additionally, solids often have to be removed before reusing water in a process.

Regulated Chemicals – Bromide, chloride, fluoride, sulfates, ammonia, nitrogen, and many other chemicals exist in industrial wastewater. These often have to be removed before disposing or reusing water.

Each solution is custom-built to your process and specific chemistry challenges.

See a few of our wastewater system examples:

Learn more about the proven technologies that we utilize.

PRAB Evaled® Vacuum Evaporators

Evaled® Vacuum Evaporators

Generates high-quality distilled water that can be reused in all processes or disposed of. Often a vital part of a Zero Liquid Discharge process. Learn More >

PRAB Ultrafiltration Equipment


Designed to separate organics, emulsified oils, and suspended solids from wastewater so it can be reused or disposed of. Often a vital part of a Zero Liquid Discharge process. Learn More >

PRAB Reverse Osmosis Equipment

Reverse Osmosis

Makes your wastewater clean enough to reuse in your process. Operates by pressing feedwater through a semipermeable membrane. Learn More >

PRAB Oil Water Separator Equipment

Oil Water Separators

Proven, patented method of fluid reclamation, extend the life of soluble oils, coolants, and wash water. Often used to treat wastewater from hydraulic lines and mop-up water. Learn More >