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PRAB Paper Bed Filters are suitable for applications of low to medium stock removal of ferrouse and non-ferous metals, as well as organic and inorganic contaminants. See More

PRAB Magnetic Paper Bed Filters remove ferrous material, including sludge and chips from both water soluble and neat oils with high intensity ferrite or rare earch magnets. See More

All models are self cleaning and self monitoring for low maintenance and maximum uptime. PRAB Standard & Magnetic Paper Bed Filters have been proven to:

• Extend tool life by an average of 27%.
• Reduce machine downtime by up to 50%.

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We have maintained nearly $1.5 million in parts inventory for the past 3 years.

PRAB's Replacement Filter Media | Prab.com

We stock a wide assortment of filter media nylon and polyester/rayon filter fabric blends are the most commonly used media and are available in standard and custom-sized filter rolls. In stock and ready to ship. See More


PRAB offers a full line of fluid filtration options, both centralized and machine side to help reduce your new fluid purchases and reduce fluid disposal by reusing filtered fluids. To replace your old filtration system, or purchase a new system to integrate with your existing equipment, contact us today.


Achieved by PRAB Customers

  • Documented reduction of new fluid purchases up to 75%
  • Reduced fluid disposal costs by approximately 90%
  • Extended tool life by up to 25%


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