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If you want to keep your production line flowing safely and efficiently, you not only need to remove the human element at every possible turn – you need to optimize the speed and output of your operation. The solution is to install an automated system, like a scrap conveyor, that is designed to move considerable loads of material where they can be processed, disposed of or recycled. Coolant must also be addressed because it affects the composition of the scrap material, which also dictates the type of conveying equipment that should be used.

It’s easy to see why high-rate operations that process large volumes of scrap and fluid need to minimize the risk associated with shoveling or sweeping spent metal chips and turnings. When you have extremely limited floor space, you want to reduce hazards posed by the tons of scrap metal and coolant generated by these machines. This keeps your workers safe and your operation running smoothly.

It’s critical to understand and assess the advantages and disadvantages of each available system as they apply to your operation. It also helps to request the input of a trusted, experienced supplier like PRAB that can help you select the best solution for your specific needs and bring the greatest return on your investment.

Download a case study to see how we engineered a solution to increase efficiency, safety and profits for one of our customers. Then, contact us today to find out how we can set you up with the equipment to run a more efficient operation.

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