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Come Visit PRAB at IMTS 2018

IMTS 2018 |

Come visit us at IMTS2018! This year PRAB will feature its full-scale metal turnings and chip processing capabilities. PRAB will will also demonstrate the Dualpak Briquetter using enhanced 3D digital animation. Visitors will see inside the system as it works in series to compress metal chips, loose turnings and swarf into near solid, dry briquettes to send to the recycler or feed to furnace. Also featured in the booth will be the Diagonal-Shaft Wringer, Guardian™ Coolant Recycling System, PRAB Paper Bed Filter and the EVALED Vacuum Evaporation and Distillation for industrial water & wastewater treatment.

IMTS 2018 |
IMTS 2018 |

“Our job as a provider of scrap and fluid processing equipment and maintenance support to the metalworking community is more vital than ever”, notes Mike Hook, National Sales Manager for PRAB. “The Metalworking industry is taking on shifts in the needs of the Automotive and Aerospace OEM’s dealing with new steel and aluminum formulas, more-difficult-to machine alloys such as Titanium, and the ability to handle a greater mix of metals and alloys. These factors change machining dynamics and the make-up and volume of solid and liquid waste. Our customers rely on us to assess their changing operating conditions and offer the most comprehensive equipment to quickly and automatically handle scrap for recycling and metalworking fluid reuse”.

PRAB engineers and manufacturers equipment based upon the exact needs and specifications of the application; thus the shop or OEM is assured the equipment will work in the application for which it was designed and deliver long-term, reliable service.

“The material and flow dynamics in shredding, crushing, separating, and briquetting metals are not as straight forward as one might think. You are dealing with variations of nested turnings, a range of size and density in tramp metals, and differences in the type and volume of fluids. Providing equipment to handle these variations cannot be a cookie-cutter approach” Mike Hook, PRAB Sales & Marketing Director

To visit PRAB’s IMTS Showroom where you can see the equipment that will display at the show, and watch a short animation of the PRAB E-Series Metal Chip Processing System, click here.