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  • Automated Conveyor Systems for Metal Stamping, Laser and Die Cast Scrap

  • Custom-Engineered Fluid Filtration and Recycling Systems

Ultrafiltration Systems

Extend the life of washwater, floor scrubber and before and after ultrafiltrationvibratory/tumbling water

PRAB's line of Ultrafiltration Systems (UF) are designed to separate emulsified oils and suspended solids from wastewater and coolant and reduce oily water volumes by as much as 98% without the use of chemical additives. For this reason, Ultrafiltration membrane technology is quickly becoming the process of choice over conventional filtration methods. Ultrafiltration membranes are manifolded together into racks and combined with pumps and controls to form a complete PRAB UF system.

ultrafiltration systemYou will benefit from the reduction in the cost of washwater and detergents by as much as 75%, when calculating both heating and disposal costs. System effluent water can be discharged to sewer or reused. Our Ultrafiltration Systems offer a robust design which effectively removes suspended solids and organic impurities from a variety of different water streams.

In addition, our UF, and other wastewater treatment technology, helps you meet zero manifesting goals and comply with federal RCRA requirements, as well as state and local discharge regulations.

We are a leader in wastewater reuse, ultrafiltration, and RO pre-treatment with partnerships that span globally

About Ultrafiltration

ultrafiltration processUltrafiltration (UF) is a pressure-driven process that removes emulsified oils, metal hydroxides, emulsions, dispersed material, suspended solids, and other large molecular weight materials from water and other solutions. UF membranes are characterized by their molecular weight cut-off.

UF excels at the clarification of solutions containing suspended solids, bacteria, and high concentrations of macromolecules, including oil and water.

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  • Permanent media eliminates use of hazardous chemicals and removes the disposable media waste stream, adhering to ISO-14001 standards.
  • Fully assembled and tested, system offers turnkey solution to wastewater problems.
  • Standard systems process between 100 and 6,000 gallons per day. Larger systems are available upon request.


  • Automatic cleaning cycle reduces maintenance and improves productivity.
  • HMI touch screen.
  • Machining and Grinding - Water-soluble, semi-synthetic and synthetic coolants 
  • Washwaters - Alkaline and acidic washwaters
  • Stamping - Heavily fortified stamping fluids and washwaters 
  • Transportation - Oily water vehicle discharge 
  • Vibratory Deburring- Oil and solid laden deburring liquids 
  • Pressure Washing - Oily water discharge 
  • Waste Treatment

How it Works

Ultrafiltration is a technique for separating dissolved molecules in solution on the basis of size, therefore molecules larger than the membrane pore size rating will be retained at the surface of the membrane. PRAB specializes in providing the right membrane for the application. We offer a full range of membranes such as hollow fiber, tubular and spiral wound.