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Tramp Oil Separators

PRAB Tramp Oil SeparatorExtend the life of soluble oils, coolants and washwaters

Tramp oil separators are designed as a simple, trouble-free, economic solution for removing free-floating and mechanically dispersed tramp oils from individual machine sumps, central systems and wash tanks.

Using gravity flow and coalescence, the tramp oil separator can reduce tramp oils to less than 1% in a single pass and uses no consumable products. In addition, you'll

  • Reduce new fluid purchase costs up to 75% (includes synthetic and semi-synthetic coolants, soluble oils and washwaters)
  • Reduce cost of washwater detergents, heating and disposal
  • Achieve system payback (ROI) in 6 months or less
  • Reduce hazardous waste volumes up to 90%
  • Available in mobile units for increased flexibility

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  • Machining and Grinding- Water Soluble, Semi-Synthetic & Synthetic Coolants
  • Primary Metals - Rolling & Drawing Fluids, Coolants
  • Washwaters- Alkaline & Acidic Washwaters
  • Transportation - Oily Water Vehicle Discharge 
  • Pressure Washing - Oily Water Discharge 
  • Other Applications- Wastewater Pre-treatment, Marine, Cooling Water, Quench Pits


How It Works

Tramp Oil Separator Installation with Oil

Contaminated fluid flows through a series of baffles and a porous media bed where free and mechanically dispersed oils are separated from the fluid. The clarified fluid flows over the effluent discharge weir back to the reservoir for reuse.

The collected oils, bacteria, slime, inverted emulsions, etc., are collected at the top of the separator and automatically discharged from the Tramp Oil Separator via an adjustable weir into a suitable container.




Flow Capacity (gpm)



TW 3


TW 5


TW 10


TW 15


TW 25


TW 50


TW 75


TW 100


TW 150