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  • Automated Conveyor Systems for Metal Stamping, Laser and Die Cast Scrap

  • Custom-Engineered Fluid Filtration and Recycling Systems

Solid Bowl Centrifuges


Our line of Solid Bowl Centrifuges effectively separates solids from liquids in metal processing applications where removal of fines is important to recycle and reuse goals.

PRAB Solid Bowl Centrifuges provide high performance liquid/solid separation for all types of particles; metallic, ferrous, non-ferrous, and non-metallic solids. Our centrifuges are available in both manually cleaned basket style, complete with reusable liner, and fully automatic self-cleaning designs.

Fully Automatic Centrifuge for Coolant Recycling and FiltrationWe specialize in liquid-liquid and liquid-solid centrifuge separation technology, solids dewatering, and centrifuge liquid filtration and fluid clarification systems technology with many performance enhancing design features.

Fully Automatic Centrifuges are now available (see image to the left). This model requires little to no maintenance associated with cleaning the centrifuge. See below for specific features and applications for all models.

All of PRAB’s Solid Bowl centrifuges are specifically engineered for heavy-duty industrial applications and provide consistent, reliable operation over long life-cycles.

You can expect a comprehensive industrial application sample tests to establish an accurate understanding of the unique characteristics of your mixed solution. This test will determine the correct centrifuge system design and capacity. Technical engineers are able at PRAB to design, develop and construct the optimum system for your facility.

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  • No special pumps are required for feed or discharge.
  • Suitable for centrifugal filtering of oils and water-based coolant.
  • Filter ferrous or non-ferrous materials.
  • No consumable media is required, adhering to ISO-14001 standards
  • Available as a stand-alone unit, or can be incorporated into a customized centrifuge filtration system.
  • Flow rates up to 50 GPM.



  • Machining of part
  • Grinding
  • Sawing
  • High-speed chip centrifuge
  • Pre-filtration
  • Rolling mills
  • Tube mills
  • Water jet cutting
  • De-scaling operations
  • Wire drawing
  • Parts washers
  • Quench tanks
  • UF pre-filtration
  • Precious metals recovery