• Automated Systems for Processing Metal Turnings and Recovering Cutting Fluids

  • Automated Conveyor Systems for Metal Stamping, Laser and Die Cast Scrap

  • Custom-Engineered Fluid Filtration and Recycling Systems

Global Solutions

Manufacturing Facilities in Poland and the United States

For many businesses today, being global simply means selling around the world. While PRAB has thousands of global installations for the world's leading OEMs and their suppliers, we do more than just sell to the rest of the world... we engineer and manufacture our solutions globally, with physical plants and real people in the United States and Poland. 

Global Headquarters
Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing
     European Headquarters
Sales, Engineering Manufacturing

5944 East N Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI
United States


ul. Niemodlinska 87
45-864 Opole
+48 (77) 402 40 15