• Automated Systems for Processing Metal Turnings and Recovering Cutting Fluids

  • Automated Conveyor Systems for Metal Stamping, Laser and Die Cast Scrap

  • Custom-Engineered Fluid Filtration and Recycling Systems

PRAB Career Opportunities


“If there is any difference between you and me, it may simply be that I get up every day and have a chance to do what I love to do, every day.”
— Warren Buffett, in a speech delivered to students at the University of Nebraska.
(2001, Buckingham, Clifton, Now Discover Your Strengths, pg. 19)

We believe that people are most happy and productive when they are in a position that allows them to do what they are innately good at doing. Our company hiring and career development programs are founded on the research and strengths finder system developed by Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifton, Ph.D. Based on data collected over 40 years, the strengths finder program helps our company identify each employee’s unique set of core talents.

“Talent, knowledge, and skills combine to create your strengths”
(2001, Buckingham, Clifton, Now Discover Your Strengths, pg. 29)

We hire people for the strengths they possess, not the skills they have learned. Our interview process and internship evaluations are based on talent themes first, position skills second. Apply today and see what makes our company a great place to work, our people excited to come to work, and the equipment we manufacturer best in class.


We are a privately-held company with a history that spans 65 years. We operate in a collaborative, hands-on work environment. Decisions you make today, can have an impact on our company and our customers tomorrow. Everyone from the CEO to the shipping manager works together with the goal of providing the best equipment and service to our customers.

Our company is part of KMC Global, (a group of companies brought together for our similarities and unique differences. Our sister companies along with our own division offer room for position and location growth and development. The path can be as unique as the individual.

Purchasing Agent

Job Description Overview
The Purchasing Agent position is responsible for purchasing of equipment, supplies and inventory, establish and maintain standard unit costs for raw materials, parts and fabrications, monitor and control flow of documents between engineering, manufacturing and accounting to ensure proper accuracy for production, posting, costing, inventory control and approval of invoices.


  • Dedication to excellence and a quality output
  • Minimum two-years’ experience in the purchasing of sheet metal fabrications, steel fabrications, industrial supplies and manufactured components
  • Basic understanding of steel fabrication, manufacturing processes, indented bills of materials and blueprint reading
  • Working knowledge of computerized purchasing and inventory control techniques
  • General understanding of basic accounting procedures
  • General filing, typing and office organization skills


  • Promote excellence throughout the department
  • Negotiates with vendors to obtain best competitive price and delivery to meet production requirements and cost estimates
  • Vendor selection and performance evaluation based on costs, quality and timeliness of deliveries
  • Maintain inventory levels as required to meet production requirements
  • Type and post purchase orders
  • Issue RFQ’s, vendor correspondence, etc.
  • Update inventory records from cost sheets, engineering bills of material and purchase requisitions as required
  • Provide general vendor management (telephone contact, invoicing, follow-up, track shortages and expediting orders, etc.)

Steel Receiving

Job Description Overview
The Steel Receiving position is responsible for receipt of all purchased steel products (i.e.: flame cut, sheared & formed metal, sheet, bar stock, structural shapes and pipe). Quality check of all inbound steel is required for both dimension and quantity. The individual must be able to store purchased items in a safe, neat, clean and orderly fashion, record locations and retrieve them quickly as jobs demand. Segregation of stock as required for specific jobs is a critical function.


  • Dedication to excellence and a quality output.
  • Proficiency in the use of a personal computer is required.
  • Extensive material handling; manual, forklift and overhead crane.
  • Continuous improvement is expected in all critical activities, which include among others: safety, accuracy, and productivity.


  • Promote excellence throughout the department.
  • Maintenance of stock levels.
  • Communication of questions and discrepancies to processing.
  • Working with processing to solve problems.
  • Dispensing parts to shop floor personnel.
  • Maintaining a clean and orderly area & shop floor environment.
  • Maintaining up to date receiving records.
  • Others as assigned by supervision.