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Horizontal Axis Crushers

Reduce turnings at the source

PRAB Horizontal Axis CrusherThe implementation of automated scrap metal processing, begins with the volume reduction of metal turnings. The comprehensive focus on Chip Processing provides metalworking companies with a cost effective, automated, and safe way to process all types of metal scrap. The first step in this operation is to create flowable chips from metal turnings.

The Horizontal Axis Crusher processes low volumes of stringy and bulky metal turnings. The crusher is typically mounted on a stand or heavy-duty cart which fits on the discharge of the conveyor off the machining center.

PRAB's Horizontal Axis Crusher processes up to 300 lbs/hr (177 kg/hr), reduces up to 12 times the volume of scrap and increases CNC production. Reduce housekeeping by either attaching the crusher to your machines or use it as a freestanding unit.

Horizontal Axis Crusher In Action




  • Economical design for continuous low volume reduction
  • Reduces downtime on production floor
  • Dangerous scrap handling is minimized
  • Engineered for on-site maintenance with easy access to wear parts for replacement.


  • Integrate with fluid reclamation or chip processing equipment for a complete system
Nominal Capacity* 100-300 lbs/hr
(45-177 kg/hr)
Dimensions 3 ft X 3 ft
(1 m x 1 m)
Motor Power 2 HP
Net Weight 550 lbs
(249 kg)

*Capacity varies with different types of material. For accurate output figures in lbs/hr (kg/hr) take the horizontal axis crusher for a FREE test drive!

Feed hoppers are optional based on your equipment's output. Available in multiple sizes to fit your application requirements.